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Involuntary confession. Coerced confession. False confession. You may have heard it under different names, but the meaning is the same. An involuntary, coerced, or false confession is a confession that you make against your self-interest. It is when you confess to a crime that you did not commit. Once you make this confession, it is difficult—almost impossible—for a jury to believe that you aren’t guilty of the crime. Even if there is evidence that may exonerate you or raise a reasonable doubt, repeated studies on psychology reveal that people have a hard time believing that someone could confess to an unlawful act for any reason other than actual guilt.

If you’ve given an involuntary confession, you should contact The Justice Firm immediately. We have provided outstanding legal guidance and assistance to countless Los Angeles residents. You can trust us to always put your best interests first. This includes taking the reins and remedying the matter if you were unlawfully coerced into making a false confession against yourself.

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