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No one wants to face accusations of a crime they didn’t commit, especially a crime as awful as false imprisonment. The accusation, charge, and conviction of false imprisonment will ruin your reputation, impede your life’s goals, and put you behind bars for years. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about any of this happening to you if you hire seasoned criminal defense lawyers from The Justice Firm. You can arm yourself with a team of diligent, highly decorated legal experts who specialize in defending against false imprisonment charges.

California’s False Imprisonment Laws

California’s false imprisonment law is succinct. False imprisonment occurs when you deprive someone of their liberty. It’s holding people against their will by using restraints or force. For example, suppose that you are at home with your boyfriend, who wants to leave. Instead of letting him go, you use a rope to tie his hands behind his back, and you hold a knife to his throat. In this case, you’re actively depriving him of his liberty.

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