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Burn Injury

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Burn injuries can leave an individual both physically and emotionally scarred, or in need of cosmetic surgery that may or may not correct the damage. As trusted Los Angeles burn injury attorneys, The Justice Firm understands that the damage to someone's life who has suffered serious burns goes far beyond the physical aspects. Your entire life is affected, particularly if the injury covers a significant portion of your body or the face/neck area. Burned layers of skin isn't the only damage victims suffer; it is easier for infections to invade the body, and dehydration may be a concern. We are compassionate and aggressive, ready to fight on behalf of injured victims of negligence.

As mentioned, the physical damage is only the beginning for burn victims, who frequently endure tremendous pain in addition to scarring and disfigurement. The physical and emotional pain can become overwhelming. If a number of surgeries or procedures are required to correct the disfigurement, the process may go on for years, leaving you and your family to face substantial medical costs. Regardless of how it happened, if your injuries are the result of someone else's negligence, you deserve compensation of not only medical expenses, but other related costs including lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more. We urge you to contact an LA burn injury attorney with The Justice Firm now for unsurpassed legal representation.

Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers Vigorously Protecting Burn Injury Victims

According to the ABA (American Burn Association), about 1/2 million burn injuries occur in the U.S. each year that require medical treatment. The most common cause of burn injuries include:

  • Thermal or electrical burns caused by accidental contact with electricity or ovens/irons
  • Chemical burns caused by chemicals you may come in contact with at work
  • Scalding burns caused by hot water, spilled hot liquid, or steam
  • Direct contact with flame or fire

In 2007 approximately 8% of burn injuries occurred in the workplace, 17% on the highway or street, and the largest percentage, 43%, occurred at home. Commercial fires or explosions are not all that uncommon. Employees may be involved in an accident at work such as a boiler or dust explosion, electrical issues related to faulty components, chemical explosions or fires, and more. There are also defective products that may result in a burn injury such as fireworks.

Even when a fire breaks out in your home, it may be that a manufacturer or contractor is responsible if the fire began due to faulty wiring or defective components. The same is true of a vehicle that may have a defective gas tank which caused it to burst into flames upon impact such as a rear-end collision. At The Justice Firm, our LA personal injury attorneys are dedicated to securing justice for our clients.

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Our experience in representing victims who were injured as the result of negligence supports our belief that burn injuries are some of the most serious, life-changing types of injuries a person can suffer. A person's physical appearance is critical to confidence and high self-esteem, even security in relationships. Burn injuries can result in substantial psychological trauma that requires professional treatment. The costs related to treating burn injury victims can literally break you financially. At The Justice Firm, our goal is to recover all of the damages you deserve, and to hold those who were negligent fully accountable for their actions. Contact us today at 310-914-2444.

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