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Distracted Driving

Los Angeles Distracted Driving AttorneysPersonal Injury Lawyer Representing Clients Injured Due to Distracted Drivers and Texting While Driving in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties in California

Distracted driving is a huge problem today not only in Orange County and throughout the rest of the state, but all across the U.S. When people text while driving, talk to passengers, talk on a cell phone, eat, apply makeup, or even attempt to tune the stereo into their favorite station, it can result in tragedy. When drivers take their attention away from the road for even a split second, innocent people may be seriously or even fatally injured. At The Justice Firm, our Los Angeles distracted driving lawyers are dedicated to holding those who are negligent accountable, and securing the full damages injured victims deserve.

Tragic accidents don't only occur between vehicles. When a motorist is distracted in any way, it can result in an accident with a pedestrian, bicyclist, bus, motorcycle, or truck. In addition, a passenger in the car with a distracted driver or someone who is texting while driving is at great risk of sustaining injuries should an accident occur. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys realize the huge costs which can be associated with an accident that results in injury to others - and these costs go far beyond medical bills. If you are the victim of a distracted driver, you deserve compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, perhaps even future income and other costs in addition to medical damages.

Los Angeles Lawyers Representing Injured Victims of Distracted Drivers

Texting while driving has become nearly an obsession today; many people cannot do anything without constantly texting, whether it's working, eating, or driving. Our society has become consumed with being in constant contact with friends and family, even when it puts lives at risk.

As trusted and experienced personal injury attorneys, we understand that the type of accident often determines the seriousness of the injuries sustained by victims. Rollover, head-on, and side-impact collisions can result in severe or even fatal injuries. Even when your injuries do not seem that serious, it is vital to seek medical attention as some types of injuries become more significant as time passes, and may require long-term care, physical therapy, or other ongoing care. Those who were negligent should be held liable for costs associated with your injuries. Depending on the type/severity of injury you suffer, future earning capacity may be affected as well.

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Motorists in California are well aware by now of the state's distracted driving laws; it is against the law to talk on a hand-held cell phone or text while driving, and residents of the state know it. Unfortunately, many motorists continue to engage in this highly dangerous behavior. Ultimately, if you are injured because a motorist was texting while driving or engaging in any activity which took his or her attention away from the road, your rights have been violated.

Insurance companies do not play fair when it comes to compensating injury victims. Without working with a skilled and capable Los Angeles distracted driving attorney, chances are you will not be awarded the full damages you deserve. This could result in severe financial hardship down the road. Why struggle or have your life turned upside down due to an accident that was not your fault? Contact The Justice Firm now at 310-914-2444.

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