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At The Justice Firm, we understand the complexities involved in immigration law, and how important it is to obtain the guidance of a skilled and capable Los Angeles immigration lawyer who will fight on your behalf. Some of the areas we specialize in include citizenship, permanent residency, visas, and deportation proceedings. We understand that navigating the bureaucratic process while protecting your best interests is not an easy task, and one that is only handled effectively by an experienced attorney.

Taking on the task of applying for legal residency in the U.S. is certainly complicated and intimidating when approached on your own. Our firm is ready to help cut through the red tape, providing outstanding legal guidance and support to those in need of assistance with immigration issues in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

The Justice Firm handles tough cases in Federal and State Court jurisdictions, including cases involving:

  • Conditional Permanent Resident
  • Marriage
  • Citizen Children of Undocumented Parents
  • Deportation
  • Students
  • Citizenship
Deportation Proceedings
  • INS Defense
  • USCIS Defense
  • Immigration Holds
How We Can Help You
  • Many times people remain in the United States after their original Visa has expired, or they want to change their status. We provide them competent effective advice on how to achieve the immigration status goals
  • We conduct thorough investigations, interview witnesses, and research all legal options, to determine the best defense
  • We can uncover important legalities that people representing themselves would find almost impossible to locate on their own
  • We are very competent in handling defense of deportation procedure defense. Our strategies include defending the original cause of the immigration hold and making arrangements for a quick return to the United States.
  • One of the most difficult situations is when undocumented parents have children in the U.S., automatically making the children citizens. Our offices are capable of resolving this internally difficult problem to make sure that families are not separated from each other.

As a highly regarded Los Angeles immigration law firm, we have successfully represented many clients in a wide array of deportation cases and immigration matters. As a compassionate law firm, we put every client first and foremost because we understand how important it is to establish a trusting relationship with each client. Our top priority is your welfare and protection, helping you reach the desired outcome for your unique situation.

Unfortunately, the immigrant community is vulnerable to attorneys who are unethical; at The Justice Firm, we provide the quality legal representation you want and deserve, putting all of our experience, skill, and knowledge to work on your behalf. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation regarding your immigration matter.

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