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Carjacking is a serious criminal offense in California, and defined under the state's Penal Code Section 215 as "the taking of another person's vehicle, from the person's possession or immediate presence, brought about by fear, intimidation and/or force." Because the maximum prison term for a carjacking conviction is nine years, it is important that anyone who is arrested or even under investigation speak with a seasoned Long Beach criminal defense lawyer immediately. At The Justice Firm, we know the serious and even life-changing consequences those accused of carjacking face if found guilty. We work vigorously to reach the best possible result, always striving to have charges dismissed when possible.

Many individuals who are charged with carjacking also face additional charges due to aggravating factors, such as the use of a weapon or harm/injury to someone in the vehicle they are accused of carjacking. Essentially, you could be charged with kidnapping, murder, or another crime in addition to carjacking. It is also important to note that because carjacking is a strike offense under California's Three Strikes law, you could face life in prison if it is a third felony offense.

Criminal Penalties for Carjacking in Long Beach

As mentioned earlier, the maximum prison term for a carjacking conviction is nine years. However, the penalties you face if found guilty depend on a number of factors. Penal Code Section 215 also states that the punishment for carjacking includes imprisonment for a term of three, five, or nine years. Depending on whether an additional crime occurred such as kidnapping or murder, the punishment may be much harsher.

Additional penalties include probation, fines, permanent loss of your driver's license, restitution to the victim, and more. As you can clearly see, this is a crime that must be taken very seriously, as your freedom, reputation, and future are at stake. We urge you to call the Long Beach carjacking lawyers at The Justice Firm immediately for outstanding legal guidance and representation.

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Although it is no doubt frightening and stressful to be arrested for any crime, an arrest does not equal a conviction. As highly skilled and capable Long Beach criminal defense attorneys, we use a variety of defense tactics to protect our clients from conviction, depending on the facts of each case. Some of these legal defenses may include no use of force or fear, consent of the person to take his/her vehicle, or mistaken identity. Regardless, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the offense, which is not a simple task.

In order to avoid loss of your freedom and possible ruin of your reputation and career, it is vital that you take action at once in your own defense. At The Justice Firm, we are dedicated to securing the best possible result for every client we represent. We will thoroughly investigate the charges against you, explore the prosecutor's case for potential weaknesses, and develop the most effective possible defense strategy in order to protect you from a conviction. We will also examine every possible legal option in your situation. Call us immediately for a free consultation at (310)914-2444.