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Long Beach Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

At The Justice Firm, we understand that being accused of child abuse is a frightening and stressful experience. False accusations of child abuse are made every day across our country. Whether a neighbor, teacher, or even the child's other parent makes allegations, you are uncertain of what to do, or what you may be facing in terms of criminal charges. Our Long Beach criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to fighting on your behalf in an effort to help protect your reputation, career, and help avoid criminal penalties.

If you have custody of your child/children, the thought that they may be taken away by CPS (Child Protective Services) is extremely concerning. It is a real possibility that you will be required to go to Juvenile Court in order to regain custody. The first step you should take if you find yourself the center of a child abuse situation is to contact us immediately, so that work can begin to protect you from criminal punishment.

Child Abuse or Endangerment in Long Beach

What constitutes child abuse or endangerment in California? Under penal code 273(a), you may be guilty of committing child abuse/endangerment if:

  • You allowed a child to suffer a preventable injury
  • You caused or allowed a child to be in circumstances where a danger to his or her body or health existed
  • You inflicted mental suffering or physical pain upon a child, or allowed someone else to do the same willfully or intentionally, and the action was unjustified

Children often hurt themselves simply because they are so active. A child may fall from a bicycle, or become injured while using playground equipment. Kids are active, which results in bruises, scrapes, and other injuries. Regardless, when you are accused of child abuse in Long Beach, it can be not only frightening, but heartbreaking and distressing to know that anyone could believe you would purposely abuse a child. This is why it is vital you consult with our child abuse defense lawyers immediately.

California Criminal Penalties for Child Abuse

Child abuse may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the facts of your case. While a misdemeanor will result in penalties that are less harsh, those for a felony charge are quite serious for those found guilty, and include:

  • Up to six (6) years in prison
  • Fines of up to $10,000
  • Probation
  • A possible strike on your criminal record

Having a strike on your criminal record under the state's Three Strikes law will result in the penalties being enhanced should you be charged with and convicted of a future felony offense.

Contact The Justice Firm Today

As with any criminal offense, those arrested or charged with child abuse are considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. At The Justice Firm, we understand how delicate these situations can be, and that you want to clear your name of any wrongdoing. No one wants the stigma of being a child abuser hanging over his or her head. We will thoroughly examine your case and the evidence, explore all of your legal options, and devise the most effective legal strategy possible to ensure the best possible result. Call us now at 310-914-2444.

Client Reviews
I moved to another state and missed court. They issued a warrant. I called the Justice Firm and spoke to Joe Virgilio and he was very helpful. The they were able to get the warrant removed and fixed it so I got probation and could go back to work. Neal R.
My mom called the Justice Firm. I had a public defender who was pushing me to take a bad deal. My new attorney Mr Browning was able to get my case dismissed. They also gave me a number for a bondsman who gave a great price so I could get out and get back to work. Carlos G.
My son had the lawyers at the Justice Firm represent him. They were really good. Mr. Hunt always calls me back to answer my questions and let me know what is going on. We have referred several people to them over he last few years and they all thank me for it. They work with the district attorneys to get good results. Rick Q.