Police Are Investigating Me, Do I Need a Lawyer?

Police Are Investigating Me but I Have Not Been Charged with a Crime. Should I Consult with a Lawyer?

Even when you have not been charged with a criminal offense, it is recommended you hire an experienced defense attorney right away. By hiring an attorney prior to being arrested, it may be possible to avoid criminal charges - and the criminal record that goes along with a conviction.

When police are investigating you, it is for a reason. You should not wait to see what evidence police or prosecutors collect or what they intend to do next before consulting with an aggressive Los Angeles defense lawyer. The earlier you contact an attorney, the sooner work can begin to protect your legal rights and freedom. Your attorney will have an "edge" on the case by being brought in during the early stages.

Your Right to Remain Silent

Most people have watched enough crime drama shows on television to know they have a right to remain silent, but when does that take effect, exactly? The truth is, police can use anything you say against you either BEFORE or AFTER you have been given your Miranda Rights. When police ask questions before reading you your rights, any answers or information you provide can be used as evidence against you. The best solution is to request to have an attorney present before you answer questions in the course of an investigation.

Why Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Ultimately, police will never investigate or question you without a reason. If you are under investigation, it is likely due to the fact that police suspect you are guilty of committing a crime, or are aware of a crime committed by someone else.

  • Police will use tactics to trick you

While police officers often act as though they are your friends, they are well-trained professionals who use a variety of tactics to trick those they question into providing incriminating information. You may be advised that if you do not cooperate, you will be arrested. Another common tactic used by police is that questions are just "routine," and that your name will be cleared if you cooperate and answer the questions. Do not be fooled!

Even if you have not been charged with a crime, police may be attempting to build a case against you.

Regardless of how friendly a police officer may be, he is not your friend. The only individual you should place your trust in when under investigation for a crime is your criminal defense attorney.

The Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers at The Justice Firm Are Ready to Help

You may or may not be charged with a crime when you are being investigated, however having a capable lawyer by your side will lessen the likelihood you will be charged as you attorney will help ensure you do not incriminate yourself. If the investigation ultimately leads to criminal charges being filed, our team will be available to support you throughout every phase of the process. We will ensure that your legal rights are not violated by police and prosecutors!

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