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At The Justice Firm, we know how serious a spinal cord injury can be; not only can the financial burden be enormous, the physical pain, emotional distress, and impact on the victim's everyday life can be overwhelming. Regardless of how your injuries occurred, if it was the result of someone else's negligence you deserve financial compensation.

Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents - there are countless situations which could result in an injury to the spinal cord. Our Los Angeles spinal cord injury lawyers are dedicated to ensuring those who are negligent are held fully accountable for their actions. The costs to the victim go far beyond medical; not only may you endure lost income due to your inability to work, but pain and suffering, lost future wages, and perhaps most important of all, a loss of quality and enjoyment of life in some cases. While money will not repair the damage to your life, it can help you avoid financial disaster or even bankruptcy.

LA and Orange County Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

According to statistical reports, car accidents are the number one cause of injuries which result in back problems. However, other types of accidents such as a fall from a ladder or scaffolding in the course of performing a job at a construction site can also result in serious spinal cord injuries. Regardless of how it occurs and even if the injury seems minor at the time, it is vital to have it diagnosed early on, as many spinal injuries become more severe or pronounced over time. It is also critical that victims of these types of injuries be transported to the hospital via ambulance, as proper stability is important to protect against further damage or injury to the location. By seeking medical attention at once and having an MRI, CT scan or X-ray performed, you can not only provide evidence of your injuries should you go to court, mitigating the damages often means there is less likelihood a Los Angeles personal injury attorney will refuse to take your case.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to individual nerve cells, Brow-Sequard Syndrome, thoracic or disc injuries (rupture, bulge, or herniated) or central cord syndrome - there are several types of injuries which can occur following an accident, some severe and others relatively minor. Thoracic injuries occur when the spine is impacted in a violent manner, involving the abdominal area. These types of injuries can lead to a loss of sensation in the arms and legs, and even paraplegia. Herniated and ruptured discs are quite common, and in severe cases can result in lack of movement in the legs and arms.

Regardless of the type of injury you sustain, all can affect your ability to work, perform everyday tasks at home, and be extremely costly. Depending on the severity of your injury and how it affects your movement, ability to walk/use your hands, etc., it may be that you cannot work. The financial costs can be overwhelming. We urge you to contact the LA personal injury lawyers at The Justice Firm now for outstanding legal guidance and support.

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When choosing a spinal cord injury attorney in Los Angeles, it is critical to the outcome of your case that your lawyer is dedicated to carefully analyzing the details, speaking with medical professionals, and determining the extent of your injuries along with your medical condition both before and after the accident which caused your injuries. Insurance companies are difficult to deal with, and in most cases do not pay out the full compensation injury victims deserve. At The Justice Firm we are skilled negotiators who will make certain the insurance company treats you fairly, or that you are fully compensated for costs related to your injuries in court. Contact us today at (310)914-2444.