Why Hire The Justice Firm?

At The Justice Firm, our focus and area of expertise is in criminal defense law. Clients in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties in southern California can rely on our firm for outstanding legal guidance and representation.

Admitted to practice in 1996, Craig Wormley and his team of dedicated defense lawyers devote their time and resources to developing a solid and effective defense for each client our firm represents. Our primary focus is winning; we vigorously defend those accused of all criminal offenses, regardless of how minor or serious the allegations may be. Whether the client is a professional who holds a career license, a factory worker, or from any other walk of life, we defend those charged with misdemeanors, felonies, or who have been charged with a sex crime, homicide, juvenile offense, or other crime vigorously.

Unlike a Public Defender, We Provide the Time and Attention You Deserve

Because The Justice Firm is a private criminal defense law firm, we are able to give our clients the personal attention, time, and resources necessary to achieve unsurpassed results. Public defenders are often overworked, and therefore frequently do not have the resources to provide the client with the legal support and guidance they deserve.

Most people mistakenly believe that public defenders come at no cost. While this may be the case in some situations, it is not always true. Public defenders are appointed by the court; the process can use valuable time that could otherwise be spent by a criminal defense attorney to devise a solid legal defense.

We Are Here to Help You Avoid a Conviction and Criminal Penalties, and Will Not Judge You

Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys know that there are two sides to every case. We are interested in your side, and do not judge you or seek to punish you like prosecutors and police do. Our focus is to secure justice for you, helping ensure the outcome is the best possible in your situation. We know that police often choose to ignore facts about a case that could be to your benefit; we listen carefully and investigate thoroughly so that ultimately we can have charges dismissed, win at trial, or determine whether a plea agreement may be the best option.

As defense lawyers, our job is not to determine your guilt or innocence; it is to uphold your state and Constitutional rights

Our Clients Deserve the Best Possible Legal Defense

As experienced and capable criminal defense attorneys we know that prosecutors will work vigorously to secure a conviction, even suppressing evidence and/or testimony which could potentially help prove your innocence. Police also make mistakes, or focus solely on you as a suspect when there may be others. We will do everything in our power to uncover any evidence which may be to your advantage, and work to have any evidence which may have been obtained illegally thrown out of court. Ultimately, our goal is to protect clients from a conviction and harsh criminal penalties.

Whether you have been arrested or charged with a crime or are under investigation, we urge you to contact our firm today. Our legal team is comprised of attorneys who are compassionate, knowledgeable, and aggressive, and who know the law and are not intimidated by prosecutors or police. By contacting The Justice Firm today, you will have taken that all-important step toward protecting your freedom, reputation, and future.