North Long Beach Resident Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Shooting Code Enforcement Officer in Face During Standoff

On Tuesday, June 16, 53-year-old Anthony Glen Gorospe was sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading no contest to one charge of attempted murder and two counts of assault on a peace officer with a semiautomatic firearm, according to a news article at the Press-Telegram.

Gorospe, a resident of North Long Beach, allegedly fired at the city code enforcement inspector from inside the door at his residence, resulting in the loss of sight in the inspector’s left eye during a standoff that lasted nearly seven hours. The incident occurred in July of 2012 when the city inspector and a cleaning crew arrived at his home to begin cleanup after Gorospe had received numerous code violations. Gorospe held police and the inspector at bay for hours, and reportedly shouted at officers asking them to kill him during the standoff while he barricaded himself inside his home.

Gorospe was a reported hoarder, neighbors claiming that some of the rooms inside his home was filled with debris from the floor to the ceiling. However, many neighbors reported that Gorospe was a friendly man, and that he was kind to children. Some appeared in court to request that instead of prison, Gorospe be given psychiatric help. Brett Bush, the victim who was shot in the eye, stated to news reporters that he and the officers were only there because neighbors had asked them to come out. Bush said that at the time, he didn’t know if he would live or die.

Attempted murder and assaulting peace officers are very serious charges. Depending on whether an individual is charged with first- or second-degree attempted murder, the penalties may include a prison term of life with the possibility of parole, or five, seven, or nine years in prison for second-degree attempted murder. In addition, those who are convicted of attempted murder of a peace officer, firefighter, or other individual (protected person) in the course of performing his/her duties must serve a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 15 years.

In many situations it is beneficial for a defendant who is accused of a serious or violent felony offense to consider a plea bargain. In plea bargaining, defense attorneys and state attorneys often come to an agreement concerning reduction of the charges so that the penalties are less severe. However, a plea bargain is not always the right option in every case, particularly for those who are innocent of the crimes they are accused of.

Regardless of your situation, if you have been accused of attempted murder, assault on a peace officer, or any serious criminal offense it is vital to consult with a skilled and aggressive Long Beach criminal defense attorney. A capable defense lawyer will investigate the charges against you, explore all possible legal options, and develop a solid defense strategy should it become necessary to go to trial.

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