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In 2014, Los Angeles saw a significant jump in violent crime; in fact, it was up 14.3%, according to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Eric Garcetti in a January 12 news report at NBC4.

According to Beck and Garcetti, the biggest factor in the increase in violent crime was the rise in domestic violence cases. The mayor claims Los Angeles is safer than it has ever been, and that part of the reason for the unflattering statistics and increase in certain violent crimes is the fact that LA is growing. Property crime was down nearly 5% in 2014, and is the most common offense in the Los Angeles area.

The primary drivers for increases in violent crime include not only an increase in situations involving domestic violence, but the switch of some misdemeanor assaults to aggravated.

As highly regarded Los Angeles domestic violence defense attorneys, we know how stressful it is for clients charged with this offense.  Will you be arrested if your partner/spouse asked police not to?  Can the alleged victim drop the charge against you if he/she changes his or her mind?  Those in a relationship often have arguments and disagreements – it’s just our nature as humans.  However, sometimes things escalate, particularly if alcohol or drugs are involved.  Regardless of whether it was an altercation involving alcohol or not, no doubt you have questions.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions by both the accused and the alleged victim in a domestic violence case:

Can an alleged victim decide to drop the charge?  No.  Frequently, those who call the police and allege domestic violence see things in a different light the next day and regret their actions.  You may decide you want to drop the charge or take back your accusations.  The thing is, now it’s in the hands of police and prosecutors – and if the prosecutor believes he/she has a solid case, charges will be filed.