On December 7, 2020, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon was sworn in as the County’s 43rd District Attorney. Following his defeat of Jackie Lacey, a DA who had built a reputation for a “tough-on-crime” approach, Gascon went straight to work making changes to his office true to his platform of criminal justice reform, progressive services, and rehabilitative prosecution. A main goal of his platform being lowering the prison population. 

Gascon’s less punitive approach to crime includes no more gang enhancements, eliminating cash bail (including no longer seeking bail for anyone facing a misdemeanor charge or non-violent or non-serious felony), ending use of the death penalty, and providing resentencing eligibility. These major changes are expected to lead to the early release of thousands of state prison inmates whom Gascon said are unfairly serving overly long sentences.

The initial response to Gascon’s sweeping changes has included significant pushback and criticism by the public, victims and victims’ families, victims’ rights groups, Los Angeles prosecutors’ unions, and law enforcement. Gascon has in turn responded by adhering to his platform and reminding the public that he previously served as an LAPD assistant chief of police and has seen the broken inner workings of the Los Angeles criminal justice system. He stands by his position of reducing jail overcrowding and addressing more insidious issues in the District Attorney’s office including racism. 

What Does This Mean If I Am Facing Charges Or Have A Pending Case?

The new District Attorney’s office changes are having a major impact on new filings and pending cases. Beginning through not filing or stoping the filing of first-time misdemeanor offenses – associated with poverty and mental health such as loitering or public intoxication – and eliminating bail, going all the way to no more gang enhancements on filings and changes to sentencing; the DA changes affect cases of all sorts. Both new arrests and those already in the Los Angeles Superior Court system as pre-trials or awaiting trial outcomes. Misdemeanors and felonies. 

Having your attorney work up your case is an opportunity you cannot miss. Your attorney will work aggressively at preventing charges, reducing the charges (in type or from a felony to a misdemeanor), and laying the foundation for your entire case defense. We can also guide you through the process of obtaining release via the new DA measures. This will result in you being as well prepared as possible to minimize the consequences of a criminal case with an attorney that is familiar working and negotiating with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

What Do I Do Now?

If you or a relative or friend is currently in custody, has recently been arrested, or is facing an investigation or case; you must seek professional counsel. It is critical you consult with an experienced and qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer. Our California team has years of experience resolving cases successfully that are being prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. Remember, you cannot leave your defense up to the parties that are trying to convict you. Contact us now for a Free Consultation.

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