3 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Los Angeles DUI Attorney

When you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, you may think it a waste of money to hire a Los Angeles DUI attorney – particularly if you have consumed alcohol and were operating a vehicle.  As a lawyer, it’s amazing to watch the number of people charged with DUI in arraignment court who plead guilty after the judge has advised them of sentencing.  What’s even more amazing is that most never consider having their case analyzed by a capable DUI lawyer – or even review their reports.  Essentially, pleading guilty is the same thing as being convicted by a jury; the accused pays the price in terms of fines, driver’s license suspension, potential jail time, and more, when much of this could have been avoided had he or she consulted with an attorney who is skilled and knowledgeable in the area of DUI.

There are a number of benefits when you choose to hire a Los Angeles DUI lawyer; if you want to avoid a criminal record and potential damage to your career/job, it’s really a must.  What are the three most important reasons to hire an attorney when charged with driving under the influence?

Effective Defense Against DUI Charges.  Theses types of cases are highly technical, and therefore require the expertise of a seasoned attorney.  BAC (blood alcohol content) levels are determined via chemical tests including blood, breath, or urine.  Machines used to administer these tests are prone to produce inaccurate results if not properly calibrated.  DUI matters are fact specific; an attorney who focuses in this area possesses extensive knowledge of these facts, and knows how to identify potential weaknesses which assist in building a strong and effective defense.

Avoiding Driver’s License Suspension.  Winning a DMV hearing is nearly unheard of in those individuals arrested for DUI who do not secure the legal guidance and support of an attorney.  If you hope to retain your driving privileges, hiring an experienced lawyer is an absolute must.

Positive Results.  Why would anyone simply plead guilty and accept the punishment, when the outcome could be much more positive?  Certainly not every client who obtains the services of an attorney has the charge dismissed, but there are other “positives” to hiring a lawyer as well, such as saving your driving privilege, avoiding jail time, and having the charge reduced so the damage to your life is minimized.

If you’re still hesitant about whether you should contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to represent your case, most offer a free consultation.  Ultimately, you have nothing to lose, and much to gain by learning what may be possible in your situation.

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