Aaron Hernandez Getting Treated Unfairly!

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez charged with murder in the first degree in the case of Odin Lloyd’s death. Hernandez’s pleaded not guilty to six charges he’s facing, which include the charge of murder; one count of carrying a firearm without a license; two counts of possession of a large capacity firearm; and two counts of possession of a firearm without a valid ID card.

Aaron Hernandez was denied bail on Thursday before the Superior Court Judge Renee Dupuis in Fall River, ordering Hernandez back to jail. Aaron Hernandez’s defense team, who is led by James Sultan, argued that his client should have been allowed on bail. There are only a few factors that come into play when considering denying bail, there must be substantial grounds for believing that the defendant would abscond, poses a risk to society or to a specific person and/or  interfere with witnesses.

In Aaron Hernandez’s case it is completely fair to say that he is not getting treated fairly by the judicial system. Let me explain, one of the key reasons as to why bail is denied must be that the defendant is a flight risk, meaning that Aaron Hernandez might leave the county, which I may add even if he wanted to flee he couldn’t due to his celebrity status. Another factor comes into play when bail is denied, the judge must feel that the defendant poses a threat to society or to any persons related to the case. In Aaron’s case the evidence brought against him are circumstantial. Hernandez’s lawyer argued that the prosecution had not given evidence that shows who actually shot Lloyd and that there was no eyewitness testimony.  The fact that he has no criminal record and he wouldn’t be a flight risk he should have been released on bail.

James Sultan disputed to Judge Renee Dupuis that “shouldn’t get special treatment because he’s a celebrity, he should get special treatment because the facts that support bail in his particular case happen to be unusual.”  Sultan continued by saying that “He’s a young man who is extremely accomplished and hardworking in his chosen profession.”  However, Judge Renee Dupuis stated that the evidence against Hernandez was “circumstantial to be sure, but a very strong circumstantial case.” In the end if we are making rulings based on the judicial system then Aaron Hernandez should have been allowed on bail. It isn’t fair that he is separated from his 8-month old baby and fiancé when he clearly should have been released on bail. After all everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

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