James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger, Jr. is being tried for allegedly killing 19 people in a Boston Court.  During the prosecutor’s case in chief, witness, Kevin Weeks took the stand and called Bulger a “rat”.  Mr. Weeks was a one-time assassin for Bulger who was responsible for many many murders at the bequest of his boss Bulger.  However, Weeks allegedly heard that his boss was an FBI informant back in the day when Weeks was killing people for him.  And that was the reason that he was willing to testify for the prosecution and become their star witness.  Of course Mr. Weeks worked out a very favorable plea deal that only put him in custody for 5 years.  He admitted to killing 5 people for Bulger. In that regard, when he called Bulger a “rat” the Judge had to intervene as there were F-bombs exchanged by the two men.  It should be noted that Bulger has consistently maintained that he was never an informant for the FBI.  He did say that he bought or paid for information and intel from dirty agents from time to time. The reputed mobster evaded authorities for more than 16 years.  There were numerous sightings of him and his longtime girlfriend, Catherine Greig in over 22 countries.  However, it turned out that Bulger and his girlfriend were in Santa Monica, California for almost 14 of the 16 years they absconded.  The FBI found the couple in their modest Santa Monica rent-controlled apartment.  Coincidentally, they were found with over $800,000 and an arsenal of firearms. Ironically, it may been Bulger’s girlfriend who ultimately led to their demise.  Ms. Greig has always been into taking care of herself at a very high level.  She has had numerous plastic surgeries and dental procedures.  In that regard, the feds placed several ads and photos in medical journals that said “have you seen this person”?  Somebody did in fact see her and alerted the FBI.  It was at that point that the FBI followed her and located the well sought after, Bulger.  He was arrested without incident.

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