Antelope Valley High-Speed Chase Ends in Arrest of Woman

On Wednesday February 18, a woman whose name was not revealed in news reports was handcuffed and taken into custody following a high-speed chase on Antelope Valley Freeway and Pearblossom Highway, according to articles at the Daily News. California Highway Patrol officers became aware of the situation after noticing the woman weaving in and out of lanes, and speeding in a Chrysler 300.

The pursuit continued for approximately 25 minutes with the woman reaching speeds of 85 mph in the northbound lanes and continuing onto streets in Palmdale before finally coming to an end near Adela Court just before 1:30 a.m.

Initially, the woman slowed down as the officer attempted to pull her over, however she fled the scene which led to the high-speed chase. Once the chase came to an end, the officer administered a field sobriety test, and took her into custody. News reports do not indicate whether the woman was arrested on suspicion of DUI, reckless driving, or another offense.

Los Angeles DUI attorneys know the serious consequences individuals face if found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Most people who operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol believe they can drive in a sober manner, escaping the attention of police. However, alcohol impairs an individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely, which often results in speeding, weaving in and out of lanes, or even causing an accident. If we were to be honest, there is probably a point in most people’s lives where they have gotten behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, whether after enjoying a ball game at a friend’s home, or having a drink with dinner at a restaurant. Some get caught, while others do not.

Driving under the influence is a criminal offense in Los Angeles and throughout California. This means that those found guilty will have a permanent criminal record, in addition to facing penalties that may include jail time, substantial fines, driver’s license suspension, probation, and more. The penalties become more serious for repeat offenders. A DUI conviction can not only impact your freedom, but career and reputation as well.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, consult with a skilled and aggressive LA criminal defense attorney who will review your case to determine how to proceed so that the damage to your life can be minimized.

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