Arroyo Seco Junior High School Principal Pleads ‘No Contest’ to DUI

Rhondi Durand, principal of a Canyon County Jr. High school, pleaded no contest on July 29 to driving under the influence.  The Arroyo Seco Junior High School principal admitted she had made a mistake, and now vows to turn her life around and be a better mother, wife, and principal.

Durand was arrested by Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s deputies on May 29; according to a news article at, Durand’s BAC was over .20%, more than double California’s legal limit of 0.08%.  After pleading no content to the DUI charge, Durand was ordered to pay $550 in fines, complete an alcohol program, and was sentenced to 3 years of summary probation.

The principal is very lucky to have kept her job, saying in news articles that she was “very grateful.”  Officials of the school district said that while they take the conduct of employees very seriously, they stand behind Durand and have confidence in her abilities as the school’s principal.

Durand told The Signal that she had made a mistake she is ashamed of, and has made the decision to turn the DUI incident around for her church, children, and community.  She went on to say that, “This is my problem and I’m dealing with it.”

Durand was arrested after crashing her Lexus into a parked vehicle near the intersection of Sierra Highway and Jakes Way, according to Detective Brad Thompson of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.  The accident took place at approximately 7:15 on the evening of May 29.  Thompson said that her driving history was clean.

Why was Durand operating a vehicle with a BAC that was 2 1/2 times the legal limit on a weeknight?  There are a few unanswered questions we will probably never know the answers to.  Regardless of the circumstances, everyone makes mistakes, some of which can be costly in terms of their freedom, reputation, and future.

Los Angeles DUI attorneys know the penalties for driving under the influence are harsh.  Offenses involving the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs while operating a motor vehicle are taken very seriously across the nation today, as law makers and organizations such as M.A.D.D. demand harsher punishment for those who operate a vehicle on public roads and highways while in an impaired state.

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with DUI or any drunk driving offense, it is critical to take action immediately.  Contact an experienced and capable DUI lawyer in Los Angeles who will work to obtain good results in your case.

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