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Bullying has resulted in many tragedies. On the worst end of these tragedies are suicide and homicide. The unfortunate reality is that bullying has pressured some people–children and adults—into taking their lives or the lives of their bullies. As a result, California took measures to reduce the likelihood of bullying by criminalizing it. Today, bullying is a crime. There is not a one-size-fits-all definition of bullying. Bullying can occur regardless of the alleged victim’s age and in any environment. If the state accuses you of bullying, you shouldn’t take this charge lightly. Instead, contact The Justice Firm to represent you.

California’s Bullying Law

California is one of the first states to tackle the bullying crisis and develop laws to promote anti-bullying campaigns. But California’s bullying laws vary slightly depending on where it occurs, where it originated from, and how it happens.

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