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Facts About Prop 57: “The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act” of 2016

In November 2016, California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 57 (64% to 35%) to enhance public safety, stop the revolving door of crime by emphasizing rehabilitation, and prevent Federal Courts from releasing inmates.

Under Prop 57, CDCR incentivizes inmates to take responsibility for their own rehabilitation with credit-earning opportunities for sustained good behavior, as well as in-prison program and activities participation. Prop 57 also moves up parole consideration of non-violent offenders who have served the full-term of the sentence for their primary offense and who demonstrate that their release to the community would not pose an unreasonable risk of violence to the community. These changes will lead to improved inmate behavior and a safer prison environment for inmates and staff alike, and give inmates skills and tools to be more productive members of society once they complete their incarceration and transition to supervision. 

People all over the U.S. have been digging into the self-defense laws in their own states following the trial and verdict in the George Zimmerman case.  The thing most people are curious about is what it actually means to “stand your ground,” and when it’s legal to defense themselves.  We want to talk about defending your own personal property, and what you can or cannot do if you were to stumble upon someone robbing your home or garage of property.

Above all else, always use common sense and consider your own and your family’s safety before doing anything rash – particularly if the offender is armed with a knife, gun, or anything that may be used as a weapon.  When your safety or life is threatened, comply with the offender’s demands and immediately call the police.

Now onto the laws in California regarding protecting your personal property.  As highly experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys, we want potential victims of property theft to know what your rights are.

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