Here’s Why You Need a Rideshare Accident Lawyer in 2021

Uber and Lyft have made it easy to get around town. However, there are thousands of drivers and riders utilizing rideshare apps at a time. This can increase traffic volume on the road and the pressure on drivers to respond to the increased demand for their services. The nature of their role requires drivers to check their phones, sometimes even when they’re driving at high speeds.

As a result, the likelihood of getting involved in an accident can increase tenfold! Such accidents could be the fault of the driver or someone else on the road. Moreover, it isn’t uncommon for rideshare accidents to lead to serious injuries or even death. In case of injuries, it is important to seek legal consultation for rideshare accidents in LA as soon as possible.

The Perils of Going After a Billion Dollar Enterprise

Pursuing legal claims against ridesharing apps in LA can seem like an intimidating task and something you may want to avoid. It’s no secret that Uber and Lyft have a capitalization over billions between them. This means they have the resources to hire the best legal help money can buy. However, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable rideshare attorney in LA is the best way to ensure your claim is handled correctly and clears you to receive due compensation.

Here’s why you need an expert representing your best interests in court.

Expediting Your Case

In many cases, the claims process can stretch on for months or even years due to the legal paperwork involved, as well as other delays. However, when you’re injured and hospitalized, you usually don’t have time to wait for several months troy receive compensation for damages.

Hiring a rideshare accident attorney in LA puts someone on your side to stay on top of the case and expedite the process as much as possible. From negotiating with the defendant’s lawyers to dealing with rideshare companies (and their insurance agencies) on your behalf, a rideshare attorney can help you get compensation quickly.

Representing You in Court

In case the settlement falls through, your last option is to file a lawsuit that will reach court. You will want an expert rideshare accident attorney representing your case.

While you always have the option to represent yourself, Uber and Lyft will send their best litigators who will do everything they can to dismantle your story, throw doubt in your version of the events, and misrepresent information.

If you want to maximize your chances of securing a win, you will need a rideshare accident attorney to match that level of expertise.


The aftermath of an Uber or Lyft accident can be traumatizing. It could be difficult for you to maintain objectivity when dealing with law enforcement, insurance companies, and lawyers. A personal injury attorney will objectively view the details of your evidence to ensure you have the strongest possible case.

Getting the Best Medical Care

When you are injured because of a negligent Uber or Lyft driver’s negligence, it is important to seek medical care as soon as possible. You may need to see a medical specialist depending on the extent of your injuries. This often translates to medical bills your insurance may or may not be able to cover.

It is important to receive the best care for your injuries. Without a legal claim, the insurance agent will almost always give you a lowball offer that will barely cover your medical bills and may outright refuse to cover any damages. As Uber and Lyft accident lawyers in LA, our goal is to ensure you are on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Wrapping Up

Los Angeles has complicated insurance laws surrounding rideshare accidentals involving Lyft, Uber, and others. We have experienced rideshare accident lawyers who can ensure you get full compensation for your injuries. Our experienced attorneys will listen to your side of the story, learn the facts related to your case, and provide you with the best course of action.

Working with an expert Uber accident attorney can make all the difference in deciding the outcome of your case. Contact Justice Firm today for a free no-strings-attached consultation.

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