Shooter Targeting Motorists on Freeway Convicted of Attempted Murder, Other Charges

On Monday August 26, 26-year-old Enrique Ayon was convicted on charges of shooting at an occupied vehicle and premeditated attempted murder in a freeway shooting spree which left one man injured.  Ayon allegedly targeted motorists between Del Mar and National City, also striking two vehicles in addition to injuring one victim; one of the vehicles was an ambulance, according to news reports at

The jury deliberated for 2 1/2 days before reaching a verdict.  Ayon was convicted of vandalism, misdemeanor hit-and-run, three counts of shooting at an occupied vehicle, and two counts of attempted murder.  A mistrial was declared by Judge Joan Weber on one count of discharging a firearm and a third attempted murder charge when jurors were deadlocked 11-1 for guilt.  On Tuesday, prosecutors were to attend a hearing to determine whether they would attempt to retry those charges.

Ayon is scheduled to be sentenced on October 25; he faces potential life in prison.

Attempted murder and other circumstances involving the firing of a gun or firearm are considered violent crimes in California.  Those who are accused of being involved in a shooting often face major criminal charges, and harsh penalties if convicted.  When charged with a serious or violent crime, it is essential to hire an attorney who can provide you with a strong, effective defense.  When your freedom and future are in jeopardy, it is important to have a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who is skilled, experienced, and aggressive.

Certain violent or serious felonies are also considered ‘strike’ offenses in California.  Basically, a conviction on a felony offense (attempted murder is such an offense) for someone with a prior ‘strike’ on his or her record can leave the defendant facing penalties which are twice, or double those normally given to someone convicted of that particular crime.

No one wants to spend a substantial portion or even their entire life behind prison bars.  Whether you are under investigation, have been arrested, or even charged with a serious felony offense such as attempted murder, take positive action on your own behalf by consulting with a seasoned criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to obtaining outstanding results.

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