Should I Take A Plea Bargain?

The Justice Firm’s Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help You Determine Whether To Take A Plea Bargain

People who take a plea deal do so because it comes with a bargain. For example, a plea deal can result in:

  • A sentence reduction,
  • A charge reduction (such as felony to misdemeanor),
  • The state dropping some charges, or
  • Omission of certain facts.

Before taking a plea deal, consult with the exceptional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers from The Justice Firm.

What Happens When You Take A Plea Deal?

When you go before a judge during your arraignment, the judge will ask, “How do you plead?” You can answer one of three ways: guilty, not guilty, or no contest. When you plead guilty, you’re saying you committed the crimes the state has charged you with. When you plead not guilty, you take advantage of your right to trial and right to confront the evidence against you. When you plead no contest, you’re accepting the charges brought against you. What separates no contest from not guilty is that this plea should not be used against you in a subsequent civil case that stems from the same act.

Your Rights Relating To A Plea Deal

There are many reasons you might feel pressured into taking a plea deal. A common reason is that you’re frightened, and the thought of a reduced sentence is immediately attractive. Another reason is that you may think the state has more evidence against you than it does, so you’re afraid to go to trial. It may even be that you believe this is the best decision for you and your family. But taking a plea isn’t best for you when the charges could be dropped, the case dismissed, or the jury verdict returned as not guilty.

You should never feel pressured into taking a plea deal. You have rights. You have a Constitutional right to a public jury trial. You have a right to be tried by a jury of your peers. Moreover, you have a right to a speedy trial. Also included are your rights to effective counsel and to question your accusers. Taking hold of these rights can lead to a much more favorable outcome than pleading guilty.

Moreover, please be aware that you cannot rescind your plea unless exceptional circumstances apply. If you decide that you’d like to rescind, you must file a Motion to Withdraw. In this motion, you must present a showing of good cause. You have good cause if:

  • You plead guilty in court for a crime whose maximum sentence was the death penalty or life without parole, and you didn’t have a lawyer with you, or your lawyer didn’t give you consent to plead guilty.
  • You plead guilty without being informed of your right to trial and a lawyer unless you waived this right.

Contact A Knowledgeable Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

The decision on whether to plead guilty to the charges brought against you is not a decision to take lightly. Certainly, it is never a decision to make without having legal experts advising you on your best interests. Consulting with a knowledgeable Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer ensures that you know what evidence the state has against you, who will testify against you, whether there’s evidence that can exonerate you or, in the least, raise a reasonable doubt that you’re guilty of the charges. Furthermore, securing wise counsel is more effective than taking a plea.

You can rely on the lawyers from The Justice Firm. We have results you can trust and a team of highly experienced criminal defense experts. We look forward to representing you and getting you a result that’s favorable to your goals, reputation, and liberty. For your convenience, we offer a 24/7 live answering service. You may call us toll-free at 866-695-6714 or locally at 310-914-2444. You may also fill out our contact form here to schedule a free consultation.

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