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Electronic internet communication is a crucial form of communication, now more than ever. Whether texting, tweeting, instant messaging, posting, or going live on a social media platform, children and adults average seven hours on Facebook and five hours on Youtube weekly. On top of these figures, the average Americans check their phones 63 times a day. Unfortunately, the internet does not always provide a safe space for viewers. Cyberstalking is prevalent, and it’s put many people in harm’s way.

If the state has accused, arrested, and charged you with cyberstalking, you need to take this charge seriously. That’s because cyberstalking is a crime that comes with serious penalties. A conviction of it will damage your reputation, hinder your career goals, and possibly haunt you for years to come. If you’ve been charged, don’t wait. Contact The Justice Firm to speak with one of our seasoned Los Angeles cyberstalking criminal defense lawyers today. We provide legal assistance and results you can trust.

California’s Cyberstalking Laws

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