What We Can All Learn from the Inspiring Career of Christopher Darden

One of the most valuable skills that attorneys need today is a sense of awareness. It’s knowledge of the latest developments that affect people and businesses, both within your community and the country at large. Attorney Christopher Darden is one such professional who embodies this trait – and more.

After passing the California Bar exams in 1980, he was hired at the National Labor Relations Board in Los Angeles. Darden then applied for a job with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office to change his career. He relocated to the Huntington Park office, and then briefly moved to Beverly Hills, before relocating to the Criminal Courts Building (CCB) in Los Angeles in 1983.

He specialized as a co-prosecutor at the CCB where he worked in the Hardcore Gang Unit. After that, he worked for the Special Investigation Division (SID) to investigate criminal activity and corruption by public officials including law enforcement personnel in February 1988. This is also where Darden met his mentor Johnnie Cochran, who represented victims of police brutality. The two became very close partners.

Darden is perhaps best remembered for his role as a prosecutor in the murder case of OJ Simpson. This was requested by Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark. The case received extensive media coverage and became the focus of several case studies, analyses, and speculation.  Jury selection is particularly difficult in such high-profile cases.

Darden did what no one else was willing to do: lend a voice to the victims in the murder trial. It was an unpopular side to take at the time, but Darden was committed to the cause of justice.

After the case ended, Darden went on to work as a legal analyst for many multimedia companies like CNBC, Court TV, NBC, and CNBC. He also provides his commentary and insights on various TV channels such as Fox News. Darden has been featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Howard Stern Show, Roseanne, and as a guest star in the film Liar Liar.

It is worth mentioning that before accepting the Simpson assignment, Darden had acquired a reputation as an experienced trial lawyer in Los Angeles. He tried 21 homicide cases and received recognition for his service to victims and their families.

However, he wasn’t happy with the ‘not guilty’ verdict handed out by the jury at the OJ Simpson trial. In his book, “In Contempt”, Darden writes that he accepted the case because he felt a sense of duty to seek justice, regardless of how rich, famous, or black the defendant was. The book, a New York Times Bestseller, provides us with a never before seen look at the deteriorating relationships between the prosecution teams and the defense.

Darden eventually left the DA’s office to teach law at Southwestern University. He also started his own private practice in Los Angeles as a criminal defense attorney.

Outside of the court, Darden is a successful author with numerous books to his name. He wrote “Apart from In Contempt”, which documents his journey during the OJ Simpson trial. Darden also dabbled in the realm of fiction with numerous crime novels such as LA Justice, Last Defense, and Nikki Hill.

Whether you like him or hate him, the aggressive yet passionate prosecutor from Los Angeles came from humble beginnings and rose to a prominent, respected position in law. Throughout his career, what stood out about Darden is his ability to make an impact on clients and develop trusting relationships.

Darden’s success is due to his ability to confront powerful businesses and people in any civil or criminal case. He knows how to build a strong case and bring it to a successful conclusion, while still providing his clients the attention they deserve.

In particular, Darden pays special attention to detail. Accuracy is pivotal to the success of any Los Angeles attorney. A single word out of place can change the meaning of a contract or clause, while misspelled emails or letters can send the wrong impression.

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