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Most people think of a lemon as something you eat, or a car that’s essentially a piece of junk. The truth is, there are lemon laws in California that are designed to protect consumers or provide remedies to those who buy or lease all types of consumer goods.

From kitchen appliances and HVAC systems to wheel chairs and other medical devices, the California Lemon Law applies to almost every product purchased for personal use other than clothing, food or other consumable goods. Naturally, no one buys a washing machine or computer with the expectation that it will be defective in some way; you expect the things you buy to function as they should. That said, the California Lemon Law applies not only to consumers, but manufacturers as well.

Manufacturers of consumer goods are required to provide repair facilities that can be accessed by the consumer in California without difficulty. Additionally, they are allotted a specific number of attempts to repair a defective product, and must limit the time in which it takes to repair defective goods to 30 days. Consumers are expected to present a defective or faulty product to a repair facility in a timely manner. Outside of this, manufacturers have no other expectations of the consumer and must repair the product, or offer a replacement product or refund.

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