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On Wednesday March 5, 29-year-old Jose Angel Perez Jr. was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the death of 20-year-old Nath Ouch, who was eight months pregnant at the time she was gunned down in southeast Fresno in February of 2006.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Ouch’s husband was so despondent over his wife’s death he took his own life a short time later.

Ouch was struck by a bullet in the early morning hours as Perez and another gang member opened fire at an apartment complex where rival gang members lived.  Perez fled to Mexico after the shooting, and was not tracked down for some five years before being located and arrested by the FBI.  Sokmorn Chea is the other gang member who was allegedly involved in the fatal shooting; he is serving life without parole following his 2007 conviction.

Prior to sentencing, Perez spoke to Ouch’s family, apologizing for his actions and saying “I’m here as a man today to accept responsibility for my actions.”

On Monday August 26, 26-year-old Enrique Ayon was convicted on charges of shooting at an occupied vehicle and premeditated attempted murder in a freeway shooting spree which left one man injured.  Ayon allegedly targeted motorists between Del Mar and National City, also striking two vehicles in addition to injuring one victim; one of the vehicles was an ambulance, according to news reports at

The jury deliberated for 2 1/2 days before reaching a verdict.  Ayon was convicted of vandalism, misdemeanor hit-and-run, three counts of shooting at an occupied vehicle, and two counts of attempted murder.  A mistrial was declared by Judge Joan Weber on one count of discharging a firearm and a third attempted murder charge when jurors were deadlocked 11-1 for guilt.  On Tuesday, prosecutors were to attend a hearing to determine whether they would attempt to retry those charges.

Ayon is scheduled to be sentenced on October 25; he faces potential life in prison.

Toby Stangel, a 30-year-old man who suffered mental issues for most of his adult life according to his defense attorney, John Schum, was sentenced on Wednesday  August 14 to three consecutive life terms in prison in connection with the murder of one motorist and attempted murder of two others.  According to the Huffington Post, Stangel had turned Honolulu highways into “killing zones.”

In May, Stangel was found guilty of second-degree murder along with other charges which were not revealed.  However, he was charged with one count of first-degree attempted murder, but jurors found him not guilty on the charge.  Stangel was found guilty of the murder of Tammy Nguyen, who he allegedly shot at an intersection in Honolulu in June of 2011.  Nguyen was driving a minivan as her 16-year-old daughter, one of ten children, witnessed the  murder.

After shooting Nguyen, Stangel was driving along the H-1 Freeway when he shot at two other motorists who were injured.  He continued to drive on and came upon two police officers who were giving tickets to motorists who had been racing, and fired at the officers.  The news article does not reveal the extent of the injuries suffered by the two motorists.

On Friday, August 16 a birthday party was being held at an East Oakland home for an individual who was not named in news reports at  Late that evening, two people lost their lives and another was injured after shots rang out just after 11 p.m.  Police said that two men were killed, and one man wounded in the shooting.

The names of the deceased have not been released, although news reports did say that one of the men was an Oakland resident who was 38 years old.  The man who was injured was said to be in critical condition, and is 52 years old.  Another man suffering gunshot wounds showed up at an area hospital later, although authorities did not know whether he sustained the gunshot wounds at the party.  Considering two men died and one was hospitalized with injuries, the responsible party or parties may be facing multiple criminal charges when apprehended.  Firearms charges are also a possibility.

According to police, about a dozen individuals were outside the home where the party was being held when others showed up, and gunfire erupted just moments later.  The unidentified victim died at the scene; the 38-year-old male victim succumbed to his injuries at an area hospital early the next morning.

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