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California Personal Injury

California Personal Injury


Under California law, an individual who has been the victim of an accident or injury can take action against those responsible. As a personal injury victim – or plaintiff in the case – there are options for the types of claims and lawsuits that can be brought against the wrongdoers responsible for causing the harm. Given the complexity of personal injury law – including differences in statutes of limitations, injuries, and losses – skilled personal injury attorneys are necessary to navigate the process. 

On May 21 of this year, an accident involving a truck carrying steel pipes triggered a bus accident that left four people dead. According to a report at U.S. News & World Report,  a flatbed truck was hauling steel pipes on a remote stretch of Interstate 10 that links Arizona and Southern California when it drifted into the dirt median causing it to jackknife.

When the truck jackknifed, its load of steel pipes scattered across the highway in an area that is not adequately lit. According to California Highway Patrol Lt. Cmdr. Gustavo Guzman, the driver of the truck was driving on a section of highway where the speed limit is 70 mph when he attempted to pass vehicles that were moving at a slower speed. He lost control when his truck drifted onto the dirt.

A bus traveling from El Paso, Texas to Los Angeles carrying 33 passengers struck a load of the steel pipes, which caused it to overturn after sliding down an embankment. Four passengers of the bus were killed; at least seven others were seriously injured, according to news reports. The steel pipes were scattered across all east and west bound lanes. Two other vehicles struck the pipes, however there were no injuries reported in those incidents. The driver of the truck was not identified; neither he nor the driver of the bus was injured.

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