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California Personal Injury

California Personal Injury


Under California law, an individual who has been the victim of an accident or injury can take action against those responsible. As a personal injury victim – or plaintiff in the case – there are options for the types of claims and lawsuits that can be brought against the wrongdoers responsible for causing the harm. Given the complexity of personal injury law – including differences in statutes of limitations, injuries, and losses – skilled personal injury attorneys are necessary to navigate the process. 

Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys know that deadly accidents occur every day on roadways in the Los Angeles and Redondo Beach areas. Tragically, a recent accident involving a South Bay bus left an 83-year-old man dead at the scene, while his companion, a woman thought to be in her 70s, sustained serious injuries and had to be hospitalized.

At the time of news reports, authorities were not certain of the identities of the elderly man and woman. According to Sgt. Shawn Freeman, spokesman for the LA Dept. of Transportation which operates the bus involved in the accident, all that was known was that the couple was walking together when the incident occurred. It was not known at the time if the couple was married.

A CBS news report said that the bus was making a left-hand turn in the 1700 block of S. Catalina Avenue when the couple was struck as they crossed the street at about 6:30 p.m. Both were pinned under the bus, although police were not certain of whether the couple attempted to cross after the bus entered the intersection to make the turn, or were already crossing when the bus made the turn. The two were the only ones who were struck by the bus and sustained injuries, according to the report.

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