Computer Crimes

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Computer crimes are relatively new; because of the increasing popularity of the Internet and advances in technology, more and more people are being accused of Internet and cyber crimes. In fact, many who are innocent are accused of accessing or corrupting data, copying or stealing information without permission. At The Justice Firm, our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers provide outstanding legal guidance and representation for individuals accused of or charged with computer crimes. We understand the harsh consequences of a conviction, and put all of our experience and skill to work to provide clients with solid, effective defense.

If accused of committing a criminal offense via the Internet, you may be prosecuted at either the state or federal level depending on the circumstances in your particular case. Certain offenses are typically charged as misdemeanors, while others are considered felony crimes and will leave you facing serious penalties if convicted. Our team provides effective, aggressive defense strategies in an effort to protect your legal rights and freedom.

Los Angeles Internet Crimes

There are many computer crimes an individual may be accused of committing, including but not limited to:

Internet sales fraud
Identity theft and financial fraud
Criminal pirating
Credit card and bank fraud
Computer crimes involving children (enticement, pornography)

California computer crime statutes under Penal Code 502(c) recognize several methods in which a computer may be used to violate the law. These include:

Disruption or denial of computer services
Copying or taking data that is not your own
Using computer services that are not your own
Developing a method in which to access a computer system or network
Using another individual's domain name to send emails which could potentially damage a system, network, or computer
Introducing a virus or contaminant to a system, network, or computer
and more

You may be accused of a computer crime if you are suspected of facilitating criminal activity using a computer, or participating in illegal activity where a computer or network is the target.

Los Angeles Computer Crimes Defense Firm

Whether you are under investigation or have been arrested or charged, it is extremely critical that you consult with an experienced and capable cyber crime lawyer who can begin work on your case immediately. Many decisions are made in the early stages, including what charges may be filed against you. By hiring a criminal defense attorney in the early stages, it may be possible to avoid charges, or have them reduced so that the criminal penalties will be less harsh.

Our firm will work diligently, investigating the charges against you, examining the evidence, determining whether police may have violated your rights, and building a solid defense strategy should your case go to trial. Our goal is to protect your freedom and help you avoid life-changing consequences.

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