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In California, intimidating another individual whether physically or verbally is illegal. This applies to married spouses, girlfriend/boyfriend, cohabitants, parents of children, or anyone who shares a household with a partner. Threatening or intimidating another person can leave you facing criminal charges, whether the intimidation occurs through imposing fear through destruction (breaking things), screaming or yelling, or even threatening the other person to prevent him or her from calling law enforcement or filing a police report. Our Los Angeles intimidation lawyers work vigorously to protect clients accused of this offense, helping clients avoid serious criminal penalties which can affect your freedom, career, and reputation.

In domestic situations, verbal communication often escalates in intensity, rising to screaming, yelling, or threatening. When authorities are contacted the incident quickly escalates; courts become involved, and you may find yourself facing intimidation charges. It is critical you contact the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at The Justice Firm immediately for assistance and outstanding results.

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When accused of intimidation, there are other criminal offenses which may come into play as well. Depending on the situation, domestic violence, stalking, or harassment charges may be filed. Physical harm is not necessary for an individual to be arrested; all that is required is that the alleged victim was intimidated or threatened by the actions of the other party.

While this may not seem like a particularly serious crime, the fact is charges of intimidation or domestic violence can destroy your career, reputation, and even relationships. As highly qualified criminal defense attorneys, we will use all of our experience and skills to provide you with exceptional legal guidance and an effective defense.

LA Criminal Penalties for Intimidation

The criminal penalties for those convicted of intimidation vary depending on several factors, including whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense. Misdemeanor charges are typically less serious than felony charges. If convicted of misdemeanor intimidation, you will like face penalties which include fines and possibly a small amount of jail time. Felony intimidation will leave the accused facing fines of as much as $10,000 and prison time of 2 to 4 years.

These are serious criminal penalties, however cases involving intimidation often come down to "he said, she said." It is easy for one partner to accuse the other of intimidation or threatening, but quite difficult to prosecute or for a jury or judge to evaluate. Unfortunately, some individuals can be very convincing even when telling a fictitious story, which is why you must speak with an experienced Los Angeles intimidation defense attorney.

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