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Most California residents do not realize the serious consequences of being ticketed for a traffic violation. Whether you have been issued a ticket for reckless driving, speeding, hit and run, driving with a suspended license, DUI, or other moving violation, it is important to speak to an experienced Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney. At The Justice Firm, our staff of skilled lawyers have extensive knowledge of DMV procedures, traffic court, and the laws regarding infractions and violations. We know the consequences of being ticketed which may include points on your license, higher insurance premiums, fines, and possibly even jail time depending on the offense/circumstances.

Certain violations are typically charged as misdemeanors; these include driving on a suspended license, speeding contest or racing, reckless driving, and DUI. Other traffic violations may be considered an infraction, including failure to obey signs such as stop or yield signs, unsafe lane change, and running a stop light (red light camera). No matter what you have been accused of, it is important you know the impact of the action you take, or fail to take.

What are Your Options When You Have Received a Traffic Ticket in California?

The options available to you depend largely on the infraction or moving violation you are accused of. You may choose to not fight a ticket and pay the fine, request traffic school, or go to trial after pleading not guilty. You may also choose a procedure known as "Trial by Written Declaration" if you intend to plead not guilty. Below is a brief explanation of these options:

If you choose not to fight the ticket, pay the fine, and not attend traffic school, your auto insurance premium may increase, and the violation will appear on your driving record. Essentially, the risk of your driver's license being revoked of suspended is increased.

You may choose to attend traffic school (if you meet eligibility requirements) and pay the fine. In doing so and as long as you complete traffic school, the violation will not show up on your driving record.

You may choose to have a trial after pleading not guilty. In this scenario, both yourself and the police officer who issued you the ticket will appear in court. Should you choose, a Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer may appear for you, so that you do not have to attend. The case may be dismissed by the court should the officer fail to appear.

You may plead not guilty and choose to submit your written declaration or statement, avoiding the necessity to attend court in person. This is known as "Trial by Written Declaration." In your declaration, you must detail the facts of your case, and explain why you feel that you are not guilty of the offense you are alleged of committing. The issuing police officer will also submit his or her written statement or declaration regarding the incident.

It is important to note that failure to appear in a traffic court case could result in your being arrested.

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When ticketed for a traffic infraction or moving violation, it is important to understand the issues you may face in regards to court proceedings, DMV matters, and the consequences to your driving record, insurance, and more. We will work vigorously to ensure you keep your license and avoid increased auto insurance premiums. In many cases it is possible to have a ticket dismissed. Don't put your driving record, license, and possibly even your freedom at risk! Contact The Justice Firm today at (310)914-2444.