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Certain criminal offenses in California are considered "violent" crimes, including murder, carjacking, rape, assault and battery, domestic violence, robbery, and manslaughter. These felony offenses are described as those which may leave the accused facing a strike on his or her criminal record, along with enhanced criminal penalties as described under Penal Code 667.5(c). If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a violent offense, it is vital you contact the highly experienced team of Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at The Justice Firm now.

Essentially, a violent crime is one which involves using force or threatening the use of force on another individual. The violent act may actually be the crime itself, or you may be accused of using violence or a threat of violence in the commission of another crime. Regardless, you must seek out capable legal counsel in order to avoid potential ruin of your career and reputation, and loss of your freedom. The criminal justice process is one that is highly complex and filled with questions; choosing to represent yourself could literally put your freedom and future at stake.

Violent Crimes in Orange County and Throughout California

We mentioned a few types of violent crimes above, however there are many offenses considered violent in the state, including:

First-degree burglary
Attempted murder
Continuous sexual abuse of a child
Any felony offense in which the perpetrator inflicts great bodily harm on any individual who is not an accomplice
Any felony offense which is punished by life in state prison or death

Homicide offenses are the most serious of all violent crimes, and include not only murder and manslaughter, but second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and vehicular manslaughter.

The fact is, a conviction for a violent crime will drastically change your life - and unfortunately, innocent people are convicted of serious criminal offenses every day. Whether you are guilty or innocent, your Los Angeles violent crimes defense lawyer will work vigorously to prevent a conviction, or to have charges dismissed or reduced when possible. Being found guilty by a jury or judge of certain offenses could leave you facing the rest of your life behind bars, or worse.

Los Angeles Criminal Penalties for Violent Crimes

The criminal penalties an individual will face if convicted of a violent crime depend on a number of factors, most notably what crime the defendant is found guilty of. Other factors include criminal history, as a prior conviction may leave the accused facing harsher penalties.

Punishment if convicted for a violent crime may include any number of years to life in state prison, along with substantial fines and in some cases a strike on your criminal record under California's three strikes law. As an example, in the case of first-degree robbery the defendant may be subject to three, six, or nine years in prison. Second-degree robbery will leave the defendant facing two, three, or five years in prison.

In certain cases, individuals who are convicted of a violent offense such as robbery or rape may lose their rights to own or purchase firearms, or be required to register as a sex offender.

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