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White Collar Crime

Los Angeles White Collar Crimes LawyerLos Angeles Criminal Defense Firm Defending Clients in Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties Accused of White Collar Crimes

At The Justice Firm, we know that cases involving white collar crimes are often complex, and rarely simple due to the fact that most involve mountains of electronic records, financial and business documents, and more. Usually committed in a financial or business setting, these types of crimes may include identity theft, embezzlement, and other non-violent crimes. Whether you are under investigation or have been charged, it is essential you consult with a capable and aggressive Los Angeles white collar crime attorney immediately.

Individuals who are accused of white collar crimes such as insurance fraud, forgery, and similar offenses face charges which require the same legal protection and defense of other criminal matters. It is imperative that those accused of these types of crimes have proper legal guidance and representation, as the legal theories and principals that apply are generally far more complicated than for criminal offenses considered violent. We provide skilled, aggressive representation, always focusing on obtaining positive results for each client we represent. In fact, a capable and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer can often persuade investigators not to file charges.

Types of White Collar Crimes

Other than embezzlement, insurance fraud, and forgery, there are dozens of offenses which fall under the scope of white collar crimes. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Extortion
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Commercial Burglary
  • Mail and Health Care Fraud
  • Income Tax Fraud
  • Insider Trading
  • Money Laundering
  • False Financial Statements
  • Grand Theft
  • Computer Access and Fraud
  • Welfare Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Receiving Stolen Property

Generally speaking, these types of crimes of deception and/or theft are typically committed by executives and career professionals, and may be prosecuted at the state or federal level, or in some cases, both.

Los Angeles Criminal Penalties for White Collar Crimes

The criminal penalties you may face if convicted of a white collar crime depend on a number of factors, including the amount of money involved, how it was obtained, the accused individual's criminal record, and the circumstances of the crime. A common thread in many of these crimes is that one or any number of individuals schemes to take a substantial amount of money gradually over time, from numerous victims.

White collar crimes are subject to the penalties and rules regarding petty and grand theft under California Penal Code Sections 486 through 490, because they involve theft. In fact, you may find that you face numerous counts of theft which can result in significant prison time if convicted, due to the fact that many of these crimes do involve stealing money on more than one occasion, from several different victims. In most cases, an individual who is convicted of a white collar crime will face prison time, a substantial fine, or both. Restitution is also a possibility. However, if you have little or no criminal record, you may receive a suspended or shortened jail sentence, probation, or sentence which is otherwise fare less severe than maximum penalties.

Maximum penalties are authorized under the law, although the majority of defendants receive less than maximum punishment. Sentencing guidelines are often followed by many courts, which means the judge who sentences an individual may have little discretion in determining the sentence a defendant will face.

Contact Our Los Angeles While Collar Crime Law Firm Today

At The Justice Firm, our Los Angeles white collar crime attorneys realize that a conviction for any of these offenses can not only leave you facing thousands of dollars in fines and potentially years in prison, but damage to your career and reputation as well. It is critical you obtain the legal guidance and support of a criminal defense lawyer who is skilled and thoroughly knowledgeable in this area of the law, and who will fight aggressively to protect you from serious and life-changing criminal penalties. Contact us now for a free consultation at 310-914-2444.

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I moved to another state and missed court. They issued a warrant. I called the Justice Firm and spoke to Joe Virgilio and he was very helpful. The they were able to get the warrant removed and fixed it so I got probation and could go back to work. Neal R.
My mom called the Justice Firm. I had a public defender who was pushing me to take a bad deal. My new attorney Mr Browning was able to get my case dismissed. They also gave me a number for a bondsman who gave a great price so I could get out and get back to work. Carlos G.
My son had the lawyers at the Justice Firm represent him. They were really good. Mr. Hunt always calls me back to answer my questions and let me know what is going on. We have referred several people to them over he last few years and they all thank me for it. They work with the district attorneys to get good results. Rick Q.