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In Orange County and throughout California, wire fraud is a very serious crime, one that is typically charged at the federal level. This means that criminal penalties for those convicted are usually even more severe, and may include prison time, fines, and more. Whether you have already been arrested or charged, it is imperative you consult with a capable and aggressive Los Angeles wire fraud defense lawyer immediately. Without a qualified defense attorney's guidance and legal knowledge, you could face ruin of your career and reputation in addition to serious punishment.

Wire fraud involves defrauding another individual of property or money intentionally and willfully by devising or intending to devise a scheme using email, telephone, the Internet, or any method that utilizes interstate wire facilities. In the majority of cases, wire fraud occurs in connection with another criminal offense such as money laundering, Internet fraud, tax or mortgage fraud, or health care fraud. There are many crimes that may be committed which involve wire fraud. It is important to be aware that before an individual is ever charged with this federal offense, federal agents will perform a thorough and often lengthy investigation, working to build a solid case against the defendant before he or she is ever charged. This is why it is so critical to contact a highly qualified Los Angeles criminal defense attorney right away.

California Criminal Penalties for Wire Fraud

The criminal penalties an individual will face if convicted of wire fraud depend on several factors, including criminal history and whether the crime involved a financial institution or federal disaster. A defendant may face up to 20 years in prison, however in the case of a national bank or other financial institution, the maximum prison term increases to 30 years. In addition, the defendant may be fined up to $1,000,000.

You can clearly see why it is vital to consult with a trusted and experienced Los Angeles wire fraud defense attorney right away, preferably as soon as you know or suspect you are under investigation.

The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did in fact commit wire fraud. While this is not simple or cut and dried, it is important to have a defense lawyer who will work vigorously on your behalf, investigating the details of the case, conducting interviews, closely examining the evidence, and challenging that evidence should your case go to trial.

Our team of LA criminal defense attorneys have the experience, skill, and talent to provide our clients with exceptional defense. It may be possible to prove lack of intent, an essential element of guilt, or mistake of fact, which simply means that you transmitted information via a wire method believing it to be true, even though it was actually false.

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