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Failure to Register

Failure to Register as a Sex OffenderLos Angeles Sex Crimes Attorneys Representing Clients in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties in California Who Fail to Comply with the California Sex Offender Registration Act

Individuals convicted of certain sex crimes are required to register as a sex offender according to California Penal Code Sections 290 - 290.023. Failure to register may result in serious penalties, as it is a criminal offense separate from the underlying sex crime which initially resulted in an individual being required to register. At The Justice Firm, our goal is to help prevent a conviction and the harsh penalties associated with a conviction.

Unfortunately, many who are convicted of sex-related offenses such as rape, child pornography, or child molestation do not realize how critical it is to register. Our Los Angeles sex crime lawyers cannot stress enough the importance of adhering to the law. In California, once you have been released from jail or prison after serving the term handed down by the judge, you have 5 working days to register; in most cases, those convicted of these specific crimes must register for a lifetime. Even after registering initially, you must register again any time you change your name, change jobs, move from one residence to another, and on your birthday.

Penalties for Failure to Register in Los Angeles

You may face a misdemeanor or felony charge when you fail to register or re-register as a sex offender, depending on the seriousness of the offense you were originally convicted of. For instance, if you were charged with a felony offense originally and convicted, you may be charged with a felony offense when you fail to register. As with any other criminal offense, a misdemeanor is a less serious charge resulting in penalties which are less harsh.

Generally speaking, a conviction for a misdemeanor charge of failing to register will leave you facing a maximum of one year in county jail If you were charged with a felony, or have failed to register as a sex offender on two occasions, you may be sentenced to up the three years in state prison.

A felony charge for failure to register as a sex offender is extremely serious. In fact, if the underlying crime you were convicted of was a strike under the state's three-strike law, you may face enhanced (or increased) penalties for failing to register. Even more serious, if you have two strikes on your record prior to being accused of failure to register and are convicted, you could potentially face a third strike - which could potentially mean a lifetime behind bars. We urge you to contact our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys immediately for outstanding legal guidance and support.

Los Angeles Failure to Register Defense Attorney

Many convicted sex offenders willingly fail to register rather than complying with the law. Those who are labeled sex offenders are often shunned by society, ridiculed, and face many barriers in regards to obtaining employment or housing. We know that you want to reclaim a "normal" life, however purposely avoiding registration will only add to your problems, and prolong the frustration.

We also realize that there are many occasions on which an individual does not purposely fail to register; there are also instances in which an individual may be falsely accused of failing to register. Regardless of your situation, take action immediately by contacting our highly qualified sex crime defense firm.

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At The Justice Firm, our top priority is having the charge against you dismissed. We know the tactics prosecutors use in attempting to obtain a conviction; we are also highly skilled and familiar with the most effective defense strategies used in these types of cases. Don't put your reputation or freedom further in jeopardy. Contact our office now, or call 310-914-2444 for a free consultation immediately.

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I moved to another state and missed court. They issued a warrant. I called the Justice Firm and spoke to Joe Virgilio and he was very helpful. The they were able to get the warrant removed and fixed it so I got probation and could go back to work. Neal R.
My mom called the Justice Firm. I had a public defender who was pushing me to take a bad deal. My new attorney Mr Browning was able to get my case dismissed. They also gave me a number for a bondsman who gave a great price so I could get out and get back to work. Carlos G.
My son had the lawyers at the Justice Firm represent him. They were really good. Mr. Hunt always calls me back to answer my questions and let me know what is going on. We have referred several people to them over he last few years and they all thank me for it. They work with the district attorneys to get good results. Rick Q.